Fish in the Percolator
A Twin Peaks Re-Watch Podcast
3 years ago

Intro Episode

There was a feeeeeesh eeeeeen the purrrrcolator

Introducing our new, shiny, smooth, sexy podcast where we talk about that show where the girl do a die. There is no material you need to watch for the discussion in this episode, but from episode 1 onwards we will be discussing Twin Peaks episode-by-episode, and being quite heavy on the spoilers (this is a REWATCH podcast).

So buckle in, pour yourself a - excuse me - a DAMN FINE cup of coffee, and get ready for Fish In The Percolator.

Fish in the Percolator is hosted by: Eric @curiorambles Lilly @cubmoth and Sarah @hmsnofun

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Intro Music by Baphometrix

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